Wi-Fi Use Cases

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Discover WatchGuard's Wi-Fi 6 access points and how they benefit your evolving wireless needs. From personal devices to expansive enterprise networks, our Wi-Fi products deliver lightning-fast connectivity and secure WPA3 encryption to ensure your users are safe and productive.

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Indoor – Low-Density Environments

A location can be classified as low density if it has a few clients connecting to an access point. The most common low-density environments are small offices, remote offices, and meeting rooms. These environments rarely support dozens of clients connecting at the same time.
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Indoor – Medium-Density Environments

A medium-density environment is defined as comfortably supporting a variety of users connecting to the access point. Commercial retail or point of sale systems in retail, K-12 schools and offices are prime examples of medium-density environments. It's essential to consider the environmental variables that could impact a signal strength, such as water, bricks, concrete, or metal, which could affect the number of access points needed. It’s possible that a high-density access point would be better suited.
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Indoor – High-Density

Large deployments to support the connectivity of hundreds or thousands of clients and various devices should be considered a high-density environment. Examples of high coverage-based deployments would be higher education campuses, large offices, convention centers, and hotels.
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Outdoor and Rugged – High-Density

The architecture of an expansive deployment can include harsh or weathered settings. High-performance wireless access points are ideal for high-density environments to deliver a seamless wireless experience, no matter the conditions. Various outdoor and rugged high-density environments include manufacturing warehouses, industrial freezers, expansive corporate or education campuses, and everything in between. Less common use cases that WatchGuard's Wi-Fi access points currently support that are in this category include campgrounds, parking garages, and playfields.
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Guest Wi-Fi and Marketing

With the rise of BYOD and IoT, wireless experiences have evolved into our everyday life. WatchGuard's solutions efficiently manage guest access by securing third-party content and delivering a simple clickthrough splash page within a customizable captive portal for a seamless connection. Appointment check-ins, survey tools, targeted promotions, and push notifications can be delivered without interrupting the wireless experience.

“We've just scratched the surface of the Wi-Fi Cloud capabilities. Splash pages are ideal for giving donations to the organization, to tell people about upcoming events and promotions, and to offer them tickets to their next film.”

Rick Baker, Corporate Relations Manager, SIFF

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