WatchGuard is proud to regularly sponsor and participate in a variety of special events and educational seminars with our Secure Partners.

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Make Every Sale in 2024 More Profitable with WatchGuardONE

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8am - 9am PST, 4pm - 5pm GMT

As we turn the page on the turbulent and uncertain year that was 2023, everyone is looking for ways to make every transaction more profitable. WatchGuard has the answer. Through our channel partner program, WatchGuardONE, you can receive significant discounts, rebates, and other profit-building incentives - all it takes is just a little time, training, and hands-on experience with the products you sell. Join us for an exciting session where you’ll hear actionable strategies that enable WatchGuardONE to help you meet your goals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How the WatchGuardONE channel partner program is based on engagement, not quotas, and why this helps your growth
  • About the various WatchGuardONE programs that boost profitability, and how you can use them to rapidly reach your goals
  • When to seek out higher levels in the program, and how they can enable further success

If you’re a current WatchGuard partner who is focused on growth in 2024, this session is for you!