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Photo: Small Business

Small Business

Small businesses face a unique set of cyber security challenges due to resource constraints. Today, over two-thirds of small businesses have no IT staff dedicated to cyber security, yet small businesses continue to account for over half of the breaches seen every year.

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Photo: Midsize Business

Midsize Business

Midsize businesses are a prime target for cyber criminals as they are big enough to present a lucrative target, but often lack the sophisticated cyber security defenses of their enterprise counterparts. Over half of midsize companies have no dedicated cyber security personnel, placing the onus of security on overburdened IT teams.

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Photo: Distributed Enterprise

Distributed Enterprise

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are becoming more distributed than ever before. In addition to securing the communications between a traditional corporate headquarters and remote employee sites, many distributed enterprises must also support multiple locations that operate like a typical small business.

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Photo: Managed Service  Provider

Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider (MSP) extends your IT and security resources by providing initial deployment and configuration, ongoing maintenance, monitoring, reporting, and more. These types of services support your organization with the necessary staffing and expertise for continuous protection and strong security.

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“WatchGuard’s combination of pricing, support, functionality and ease of deployment makes it an excellent fit for so many businesses. Along with ease of use, the functions in the Total Security Suite offer a really excellent range of tools.”

Bob Sampson, Head of IT, Wrest Park Ltd

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